Society and Church in African Christianity

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Papers of the Tanzanian Theological Ecumenical Colloquium[nbsp]
The volume "Society and Church in an African Context" is the outcome of a conference of the Tanzanian Theological Ecumenical Colloquium. The nine articles from younger theologians working in different fields in Tanzania, from various denominational backgrounds, tackle the role of the Christian churches in the Tanzanian society from diverse perspectives. While a few of them are dealing with the historical role of the Church during Ujamaa, the majority of them embark upon a discussion of ecclesial challenges with which the churches currently grapple, e.g. questions of develop-ment, transformation processes, HIV/AIDS and the youth.

In sum we can state that churches in Africa have to be involved in societal issues and have to influence the society from their Christian perspective. They are of enormous importance if we look at their role for the future of this continent.

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