The Irkisongo Eunoto Ceremony

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The practice of human sacrifice among the Maasai is against human rights. Killing of a member of their community is against the social laws of the Maasai’ however during the Eunoto ceremony a member of the age-set which celebrates the ceremony must die as a sacrifice for his age-set. The study investigates the origin of human sacrifice among the Irkisongo Maasai of Northern Tanzania, Its purpose and outcomes.
The research found that the human sacrifice is introduced by Iloibonok (ritual expert, prophet, witch, medicine man) for his own benefits, however the society believes that the sacrifice is for prosperity of the age-set members. The sacrifice causes trauma, psychological, social problems and dearth to the scapegoat as well also the member of his family.
Rev Dr. Suzana Sitayo was born in Arusha Tanzania. Theological studies at Tumaini Makumira University (2004-2009) Bachelor of Divinity, (2009-2011) Master of Missiology, (2013-2018) PhD in Religious studies at Fredrick Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg. She is Pastor in the ELCT –Northern Central Diocese.

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