Coming home to face the future

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An Africanization of Christianity would not only help to root Christianity in Africa,
but benefit the worldwide Christian family. Also for Protestants it would be a necessary further step in the Reformation, after translating the bible and intro- ducing the local language in the liturgy, now to complement classical paradigms and thought forms by contemporary ones, taken from people´s proper culture and therefore understandable for Christians of today. Coming from this double affirmation of inculturation, the author reviews critically the use of the ancestor paradigm for Christian theology among African authors and explores its poten- tial for the universal Christian family. Thus, he enters into a reflection of central issues of Christian faith. Is the importance of Jesus Christ adequately described by the term ‘ancestor’? What do we confess with the ‘Communion of Saints’? Is the ‘Source of Life’ an apt Christian perception of God, rather than just the forgiver of sins?

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Autor:in Maier-Revoredo, Winfried
ISBN 978-3-87214-912-1
Erscheinungsjahr 2014
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