From Mission to Church

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Do you have any idea of what God‘s feet look like? They overcome the most rugged mountain ranges and dense jungles, cross raging rivers or sun-baked plains of high kunai grass and they bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to the people in the remotest corners of the land. In the context of church work, this analogy refers to evan[1]gelists working in the Lutheran Church and is a true story from Papua New Guinea. This book is a gem, a treasure that embeds the story of these courageous men and women and their families in the annals of the church. The solid compilation of historical facts, context, and interconnected history makes this book a source of information about the emergence of a church from the early days of missions. It also does not omit colonial history, which is as much a part of the church‘s history as the present, decades after the declaration of independence on September 16, 1975. The National Evangelist Training Center in Amron/Madang is the narrative center of this book. This is made possible by the testimonies of many people who have preserved and maintained their knowledge and attachment to this educational institution to this day. Thus, a look into the future will also be ventured. As you read this book, be fascinated by what God is doing as He walks this earth today, using people‘s feet

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Autor:in Jack Urame, Hans Grauvogl, Traugott Farnbacher (Hrsg)
ISBN 978-3-87214-579-6
Erscheinungsjahr 2023
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