Africa Calling

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It takes Courage!
Gisela and Dieter Helbig left their home, friends, and church, to go and live for five years with
the Maasai in Tanzania.
All that at 50 plus years of age. When the couple set out for Africa, the nomadic Maasai were
undergoing huge cultural and economic change, as was the entire country.
Gisela shares with us everything the couple lived through, from language difficulties to
crocodiles, from medical emergencies to ancient customs, from the arid beauty of the landscape to
the genuine warmth the couple experienced from their Maasai friends. One of Gisela’s most
enriching times was spent teaching reading and writing under the shade of a giant tree.
For the Helbigs, this was a life-changing experience.
The couple is now retired, and lives in Nürnberg.
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